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Reports: Tornado damages school gymnasium as severe storms rattle the southeastern US

Damaging storms are tracking across the southeastern United States and will continue to impact the region into Wednesday night.

These storms have already caused damage across the area with a tornado being blamed for destroying an elementary school gymnasium near Yadkinville, North Carolina.

Thunderstorms are expected to continue into the night, bringing the threat of hail, damaging wind and tornadoes.

Heavy, slow moving thunderstorms are leading to localized flooding around Cincinnati. One of these thunderstorms north of the city is showing signs of rotation and may be producing a tornado. People in Gratis, Ohio are in the path of this storm and should seek shelter.

cinci storms

Emergency managers report that a tornado destroyed the Courtney Elementary School gymnasium, located near Yadkinville, North Carolina. Several vehicles in the area were also flipped as the storm moved through.

Numerous trees have also been downed with the storm tracking toward Martinsville, Virginia as of 5:19 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

Quarter-sized hail has been reported around Mount Vernon, Kentucky by emergency managers. The severe thunderstorm that produced this hail may also spin up a tornado and is heading toward Threelinks, Kentucky.

At 3:14 p.m. EDT Wednesday, a 911 call center reported that four houses near Prosperity, South Carolina were damaged by a tornado. The storm that caused this tornado-warned storm that tracked over Saluda earlier.

At 2:43 p.m. EDT Wednesday, a confirmed tornado was located west of Columbia, South Carolina near the town of Saluda and was moving toward the northeast.