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Photos: Central US pummeled by tornadoes, severe weather Thursday

A significant severe weather outbreak triggered large and violent tornadoes across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas during Thursday and Thursday night.

The National Weather Service reported at least 19 tornadoes touched down across the central Plains. Fortunately, most of the tornadoes occurred in sparsely populated areas.

No fatalities or significant injuries have been reported, according to the Associated Press.

One tornado tore through Cordell, Oklahoma, and caused damage to a gas station and other structures in the area. Another large and dangerous tornado tracked toward Waynoka, Oklahoma, but no significant damage has been reported in the town.

Quarter- to tennis ball-sized hail also battered the region throughout the afternoon and evening.

Wind gusts as high as 70 mph were common, which caused widespread tree and power line damage. One weather station near Walters, Oklahoma, recorded a 104 mph gust.

The storms swept eastward into Missouri on Thursday night. Near Branson, one person sustained a head injury after shingles were blown off the Camden Hotel.

Cleanup operations could be delayed as another round of severe weather and flooding will target the region into the weekend.

tornado waynoka seiling

A tornado located between Waynoke and Seiling, Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon. (Photo/Amanda Murphy)

Cordell damage 1

Storm damage from a possible tornado in Cordell, Oklahoma. (Photo/Twitter user @cordellfire1)

Cordell damage 2

Storm damage from a possible tornado in Cordell, Oklahoma. (Photo/Twitter user @cordellfire1)

waynoka ok tornado

A tornado just south of Waynoka, Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon. (Photo/Thomas Giebel)