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Reports: Large tornado touches down near Duke, Oklahoma, as severe storm outbreak unfolds

Areas from Texas to Kansas will face the risk of violent tornadoes, along with other threats such as damaging winds, large hail and flash flooding, as severe weather strikes the central U.S. into Thursday night.

Some of the tornadoes could reach extreme intensity.

Cities in the severe threat area include Dallas and Abiliene, Texas; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Kansas City, Missouri, and Wichita, Salina and Dodge City, Kansas.

Elk City, Oklahoma is being hit by a severe thunderstorm just days after being devastated by a tornado. As of 2:30 p.m. CDT Thursday, the storm was not capable of producing a tornado, but this may change as the storm strengthens.

At 2:05 p.m. CDT Thursday, a confirmed tornado was located near Duke, Oklahoma and was moving to the northeast toward Hester and Mangum. People in the path of this storm should seek shelter immediately.

tornado radar duke 2pm

The weather radar at the time that the tornado was confirmed near Duke, Oklahoma.

The first severe thunderstorms of the day are developing across parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

At 1:15 p.m. CDT Thursday, the National Weather Serviced issued a particularly dangerous situation (PDS) tornado watch, saying that thunderstorms that develop in this area may produce intense tornadoes, very large hail and wind gusts past 80 mph.

radar 3pm may 18

It is important that people in this part of the country pay close attention to the weather today as severe storms may develop with little warning. The National Weather Service is telling people to check the weather before leaving places like work or school to make sure that you are not caught in a storm with no place to seek shelter.