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US Mother's Day forecast: Nor'easter to lash New England; Winds to whip mid-Atlantic, Plains and California coast

The worst weather conditions will focus in the northeastern United States, while few problems are in store elsewhere on Mother's Day.

However, no widespread areas of severe thunderstorms are forecast.

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Northeastern US to bear brunt of stormy conditions

Getting mom out to the car and into any celebrations without getting wet could be a challenge in New England on Sunday. A storm more typical of March will pester much of the region with drenching rain, chilly air and strong winds.

There is even the potential for sporadic power outages and urban and coastal flooding due to the strength of the storm. Rain may end along the southern coast by the afternoon, but winds will remain strong and gusty.

Temperatures may be no higher than the 50s F, with AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures in the 40s, in much of central and northern New England.

Farther south and west, gusty winds will be the main annoyance in the mid-Atlantic and around the eastern Great Lakes. As has been the case during a few episodes earlier this spring, winds could be strong enough to cause sporadic power outages.

"There is the potential for gusty thunderstorms with hail to develop in part of the mid-Atlantic on Sunday," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Bill Deger. "However, where it does rain, it will not be for very long."

Temperatures will recover to within a few degrees of 70 from New York City and Philadelphia to Detroit and Chicago.

Heat to take a break in the South

In the South, slightly cooler and less humid air will be a Mother's Day delight for some, following days of warmth, high humidity and in some cases record-challenging heat. High temperatures over much of the South will range from the upper 70s to the lower 80s.

People heading to the beach should have few weather-related problems in the South, except in the vicinity of wildfire areas.

"The dry air and a breeze could be enough to fan the flames of wildfires and stir up smoke on Sunday," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Renee Duff.

People with respiratory problems should take precautions in smoky conditions and avoid the use of outdoor flames of any kind, Duff stated.

Any shower or thunderstorm in southern Florida will be brief and very spotty.

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Winds to carry warmth northward over the Plains

Farther west, a balmy breeze may evolve into a stiff southerly wind with surging temperatures from central Texas to southern Minnesota. Temperatures over much of the central and southern Plains will approach 90 on Sunday.

Most areas experiencing flooding or flooding in recent weeks will be sunny and free of rain over the Mississippi Valley on Mother's Day.

Spotty rain is projected to sweep into parts of the northern Plains as the day progresses. Highs will be close to 80 from Fargo, North Dakota, to Minneapolis.

Sporadic showers, winds to pester the West

In the West, a storm that moved onshore during the latter part of this week will settle inland but will be past its peak on Mother's Day. Still, spotty showers are in store from the Northwest to the northern Rockies and into the Sierra Nevada. Highs will be within a few degrees of 60 in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and Boise, Idaho.

Moisture from the storm will dissolve farther to the south and east with only patchy clouds for much of the Great Basin and the central Rockies. Highs will be in the 70s in Salt Lake City and Denver.

A gusty wind will linger along much of the California coast. The wind from the ocean will keep most areas from San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego in the 60s.

Over the Desert Southwest, sunshine will be the rule as is often the case for the middle of May. A gusty south to southwest wind may kick up some dust. Highs will range from the 60s in Flagstaff, Arizona, to the 80s in Las Vegas and the 90s in Phoenix.