Cool air to infiltrate southwestern U.S. through early next week

Following record-breaking heat in the Southwest to close out the week, a bout of chilly air is on the horizon.

“It has been dry and unusually hot across the Desert Southwest, but a dramatic cooldown is on the way,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Mike LeSeney said.

“A storm will bring wind, clouds and the potential for rainfall to Southern California, southern Nevada and Arizona.”

As the storm approaches on Saturday, winds will pick up before any rainfall occurs.

Combined with the recently hot and dry weather, the threat for quick-spreading fires will be heightened on Saturday.

Cooler and cloudier weather is in store for Sunday.

SW cooling 5/6

Although the 90s F will be common across southern Nevada, Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico on Saturday, the fresh, cooler air mass pushing through the Southwest will contain this heat to Texas by Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to reach into the upper 80s F in Las Vegas on Saturday, but the mercury will peak in only the mid-60s on Sunday.

“The setup is ripe for isolated heavy, gusty thunderstorms to develop, especially Sunday and Monday,” LeSeney said.

While many areas will remain dry, any storms that do fire could pack a punch with very strong winds and heavy rain.

Motorists should turn on their headlights and slow down as visibility decreases in any storms.

The threat for damaging storms will diminish through Tuesday, only to be replaced by cooler, showery weather.