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Heat poised to surge across the western US through late week

As calm, dry weather settles over the western half of the country later this week, heat is set to build back into the region.

This trend will contrast increasingly wetter and cooler weather across the Northeast.

“A ridge of high pressure will be building into the West Thursday and Friday, promoting dry conditions and temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above normal,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

Surface high pressure centered over the Rockies will promote light winds out of the southeast, pulling hot, dry air into the Southwest from Mexico.

This feature will also suppress precipitation and widespread cloudiness, allowing the heat to continue to build each day through the end of the week.

SW heat 5/3

Warmth will spread across southern New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and into the Northwest through Friday.

High temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit from southern Arizona through Sacramento on Wednesday afternoon.

“In many locations, temperatures observed late this week will be the highest readings so far this year,” said Adamson.

After flirting with high temperatures in the upper 90s F for a time in late April and again on Monday and Tuesday, Phoenix is likely to record its first 100-degree day of the year this week.

“On Friday, Phoenix is forecast to tie the record of 105 degrees set in 1947 and 1989,” Adamson said.

From Phoenix to Fresno, California, thermometers will hover near and just above the century mark on Thursday.

Heat is anticipated to surge northward through the San Joaquin Valley and seep into Oregon and Washington through Thursday.

Despite an average high temperature of 65, Portland, Oregon, is forecast to reach into the mid-80s on Thursday.

Residents will notice the warmth as it contrasts the region’s recent unusually cool and wet weather pattern.

April departures

Areas as far north as Spokane, Washington, can also expect temperatures to reach 15 degrees above average, which is closer to July’s average temperatures.

However, a Pacific storm is poised to crash into the Northwest coast late this week, promoting cloudy, wet and windy weather.

“Temperatures will drop this weekend and actually fall below average by early next week as the ridge breaks down and an upper-level low moves into California,” explained Adamson.

By Saturday, temperatures will fall closer to normal as fresh Pacific air inundates the region.