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Midweek heavy rain, severe storms to aggravate flooding and cleanup in central US

At midweek, a storm with heavy rain and severe weather will swing through part of the central United States that was hit hard by flooding and tornadoes.

While this week's storm will move through swiftly when compared to this past weekend's storm, enough rain can fall to aggravate the flooding situation and bring a new threat for severe weather.

Static Tues Wed Flood Risk 10 am

Total rainfall with the new storm will pale in comparison to that of this past weekend, where some locations received 10 inches of rain. However, the new storm has the potential to bring a new round of flash, urban and small stream flooding and can bring a second rise or delay the recession of some rivers in the region.

Some of the major rivers that could experience a new surge of high water include portions of the Red, White, Current, Black, Missouri, Wabash and the Mississippi rivers. Dozens of other rivers in the region will also be at risk for another round of rising water.

Static River Flooding 9am

Areas that could face renewed or prolonged flooding include Arkansas, southern Missouri, northeastern Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, southern Illinois and central and southern Indiana from late Tuesday through Wednesday night.

Officials and property owners should continue to monitor river levels for the potential for a second crest this week.

The new storm will bring a general 1-2 inches of rain with local amounts of 3-4 inches. However, much of this rain may fall in less than 12 hours. In some cases, the rainfall can occur in a few hours, which is above the threshold for flash flooding, due to recent, prior rainfall.

Flooding potential east of the Mississippi River

Enough rain can also fall farther east and south in the Central states to cause flooding in portions of Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi and northeastern Texas.

Some rivers east of the Mississippi at risk for a surge of water later and flooding of unprotected areas this week include the Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Miami, Scioto and Licking.

Areas west of the Mississippi River will be at risk from late Tuesday through Wednesday night. Areas farther east will be at risk on Thursday into Thursday evening. Long-term dryness over the past year in part of this area may mitigate the magnitude of the river flooding.

Enough rain may fall at the local level to raise the risk of flooding along the Atlantic Seaboard to end the week.

Severe weather risk to return to storm-battered south-central US

Violent storms and tornadoes occurred as far north as central Missouri and Illinois this past weekend. The risk of severe weather will not extend as far to the north at midweek.

A few strong storms can occur in parts of central and northeastern Texas to southeastern Oklahoma on Tuesday evening.

Most of the severe storms will occur on Wednesday. Areas at risk for thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail and frequent lightning strikes include central and eastern Texas and southeastern Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and southern Arkansas.

There is the potential for a few isolated tornadoes to be spawned as well at midweek. This risk includes parts of northeastern Texas, northern Louisiana and Mississippi that were hit during this past weekend.