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Illinois to Alabama to face severe weather threat into Sunday night

Severe thunderstorms capable of causing property damage and flooding will swing into the southeastern United States and Ohio River Valley into Sunday night.

A storm will finally make eastward progress early this week after dumping flooding rainfall and triggering damaging thunderstorms for several days over the Central states.

Into Sunday evening, the most intense thunderstorms will tend to develop just east of the Mississippi River, stretching from southern Illinois to the central Gulf Coast.

“With plenty of heat and humidity to tap into, these storms will be capable of producing damaging winds and hail as well as a few tornadoes,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Faith Eherts said.

Sun severe 4.30 AM

The thunderstorms will also unleash an abundant amount of rainfall, which can quickly flood side streets and neighborhoods.

During Sunday evening and into the overnight, the danger of severe weather will not only shift eastward, but also northward.

“While the threat for hail and tornadoes will extend through Alabama and Tennessee this evening, storms rolling through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky are expected to be mainly heavy and gusty with pockets of damaging winds,” Eherts said.

Strong winds not far above the ground could be brought down to the surface during any of the thunderstorms, potentially resulting in power outages and tree damage.

Residents in Peoria, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Louisville, Kentucky, may be kept awake by the potent thunderstorms on Sunday night.

It is not out of the question for gustier thunderstorms to cross downtown Chicago overnight. At the very least, another thorough soaking is in store after the city picked up nearly 2 inches of rain on Saturday.

“It will be important for residents to keep up to date on local watches and warnings through the night, keeping in mind that access to a storm shelter may become necessary,” Eherts said.

Those who live in flood-prone areas or downstream of rivers that continue to rise after the deluge will need to monitor water levels and be prepared to evacuate in a moment's notice.

Mon severe 4.30 AM

Heading into the first day of May on Monday, the thunderstorms will march eastward toward the central and southern Appalachians.

Thunderstorms could turn severe from Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania, to Buffalo, New York, and Toronto, Canada, on Monday afternoon. The thunderstorms can continue to pack a punch as they move into central New York state and eastern Pennsylvania during the evening hours.

The thunderstorms may weaken below severe criteria upon reaching the I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to New York City later on Monday night.