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How long will summerlike heat persist for northeastern US?

A few days of summerlike warmth, including temperatures in the 80s F, will grip much of the eastern United States into next week.

As cold air and rounds of snow affect parts of the West, a teeter-totter setup with the jet stream will allow warm air to settle over the eastern part of the nation for a few days.

The jet stream, which is a fast river of air at the level where jets cruise at, will dip southward in the West and bulge northward in the East.

Static Weekend US

Most days through early next week, people will be able to get by most of the time with shorts and short sleeves.

For a few hours during the afternoon and evening, air conditioners will be needed to help keep some homes cool, especially in the major cities in the Interstate-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic.

Saturday looks to be quite warm in much of the Northeast and could feature the warmest day of the year so far in some locations.

Static Summerlike Saturday

Temperatures on Saturday will reach well into the 80s from southwestern New England through central and eastern Virginia. A few places in Virginia and Maryland could approach 90 and challenge record highs for the date.

However, a sea breeze will likely cool some of the beaches in the mid-Atlantic Saturday afternoon.

Afternoon temperatures will approach 80 in Boston on Saturday. Despite some clouds and shower activity in northern New England, temperatures are likely to climb into the 60s and 70s.

Fans heading to MLB games on Saturday afternoon in New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston should be dressed for warm weather and sunshine, making sure to grab sunglasses before heading out.

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Cooler air will pay a visit to many areas on Sunday. Temperatures are likely to be slashed by 10 to 15 degrees in the Northeast, while a temperature drop of only a few degrees is likely over the southern mid-Atlantic.

Some MLB fans heading to the games on Sunday may be more comfortable in long sleeves.

An exception to the cooldown on Sunday will be locations west of the Appalachians, where the next warm surge will begin.

On Monday, temperatures in much of the I-95 mid-Atlantic may climb into the 80s due to strong southerly winds.

Static Monday Warmth NE

Exceptions to the warmth on Monday include the south-facing shoreline areas and eastern New England due to wind blowing off the cool water.

Long-range outlook

Despite some cooler air settling in for a day or two, temperatures are likely to remain above average from the Appalachians to the Atlantic coast during the first week of May.

"We expect more significant cooling to take place during the first weekend and second week of May," according to AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok.

"We have been getting mixed signals as to the magnitude of the cooling trend before the middle of May, but we suspect temperatures may dip below average a bit for much of the second week, followed by near- to above-average temperatures for much of the second half of the month in the Northeast," Pastelok said.

On one hand, there is a scenario that brings showers and thunderstorms with hail and chilly air during next weekend. Another scenario would bring another brief wave of cool air followed by a big warmup next weekend.

Pastelok remains concerned about the potential for a chance of a brief frost over parts of the interior Northeast prior to the end of May.

Gardeners may be able to plant warm-season vegetables and annual flowers during the upcoming warmth, provided they have a means to protect their investment should a spell of frosty air come calling before the Memorial Day weekend.