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Rain, gusty storms to whisk away sunshine from northeastern US at midweek

Following sunshine and gorgeous weather for outdoor activities earlier this week, stormy weather will return to the Northeast at midweek.

Although temperatures on Tuesday will turn out cooler than on Monday, especially in northern New England and the I-95 corridor, plenty of strong April sunshine will still produce a beautiful spring day in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Cooler Tuesday

By Wednesday, a chilly flow of air off the Atlantic Ocean can spoil the beautiful weather recently enjoyed in the Northeast and bring back the return of damp, dreary conditions.

At the same time, a weak storm system tracking across southeastern Canada will spread showers back into New England and interior portions of the mid-Atlantic.

“The first storm will bring nothing more than showers to parts of Pennsylvania, New York state and New England from Wednesday afternoon into Thursday,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.

Just as quickly as this first system departs, another is set to follow on its heels and keep the string of stormy days going in the Northeast through Friday.

“The second and more potent storm will bring widespread showers and a few thunderstorms, some of which could be heavy and gusty across West Virginia, Ohio and western portions of New York and Pennsylvania, from Thursday afternoon into Friday,” according to Rathbun.

Stormy Thursday for Northeast

Drenching downpours may also accompany the strongest storms and cause brief but rapid reductions in visibility for motorists traveling on Interstate 80 between Cleveland and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on Thursday afternoon and evening.

Thunder may be heard as far north as Buffalo, New York, on Thursday, while a more general soaking rain impacts northern New England, including the cities of Boston and Portland, Maine, overnight.

Other cities that may be targeted by strong thunderstorms on Thursday include Toledo and Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania; and Charleston, West Virginia.

Residents of the Northeast should make sure to grab the umbrellas and rain gear, in place of the sunscreen, before heading outdoors on Thursday.

As the storms move eastward toward the I-95 corridor into Friday morning, they should lose much of their intensity and just bring a few spotty showers to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Rathbun added.

Although temperatures in northern New England will remain stuck below average through Friday, unseasonable warmth will quickly return to the mid-Atlantic on Thursday and Friday and allow residents to take advantage of hiking, biking, fishing and other outdoor activities in between the storms.

Sunshine and cooler air is set to make a comeback in the mid-Atlantic by the start of the weekend.