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Summerlike warmth to vanish from northeastern US early this week

Sunday's warmth will be replaced by breezy and cooler conditions in the northeastern United States for the start of the new week.

Temperatures on Easter Sunday will average 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above normal for mid-April, reaching the 80s F along the I-95 corridor from Boston to Washington, D.C, and the 70s F across interior regions.

Easter Sunday Heat

Following the passage of showers and storms on Sunday evening and Sunday night, much cooler air will eye New England and the northern mid-Atlantic.

Temperatures will be slashed by some 10-15 degrees in the central and southern mid-Atlantic on Monday and Tuesday. However, strong April sunshine should combat the chill and prevent temperatures from dipping below seasonal averages.

The cooler air will arrive just in time for the 121st running of the Boston Marathon on Monday and come as a welcome change to those participating.

A much greater change in conditions will unfold in areas farther north, with temperatures crashing up to 20-30 degrees by Tuesday.

“The summerlike temperatures in the Northeast over the weekend will be short-lived as much lower temperatures return for the day on Tuesday,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio said.

In Portland, Maine, temperatures in the middle 70s on Sunday will be replaced by damp and chilly air on Tuesday with temperatures struggling to reach the middle 40s.

Early Week Outlook

Temperatures will go from running 15-25 degrees above normal on Sunday to 5-10 degrees below normal across New England and the northern mid-Atlantic by Tuesday, according to Rossio.

Residents farther south will be spared from the below-normal temperatures until Wednesday when a storm system brings damp, rainy conditions back to the southern mid-Atlantic.

So far this month, temperatures have averaged 3 to as much as 7 degrees above normal in the Northeast.

Those heading out for work or school on Wednesday and Thursday should not forget to grab the umbrella and rain gear as soaking rain and locally drenching downpours eye the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

In some locations, the rain can be heavy enough to cause travel disruptions, airline delays and increase the risk for motorists hydroplaning on area roadways. Drier and more seasonable conditions should return by Friday.