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Locally gusty thunderstorms to sweep across northeastern US into Tuesday night

Thunderstorms will slice through unseasonable warmth across parts of the northeastern United States into Tuesday night, with the potential for some to turn locally heavy and gusty.

A front that triggered severe thunderstorms over the Midwest on Monday will march eastward towards the central and southern Appalachians on Tuesday.

“With unseasonably warm weather in place and relatively cooler air approaching, that typically leads to the development of showers and thunderstorms, which will be the case on Tuesday,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.

NE regional 4.11

The isolated nature of the thunderstorms will mean some communities get completely missed by any wet weather.

Despite the storm system being much weaker compared to the start of the week, a few locally strong thunderstorms cannot be ruled out.

“The greatest threat for a few heavy and gusty thunderstorms will be across the western and central portions of Pennsylvania and New York,” Rathbun said.

Small, weak tree limbs will be most susceptible to being knocked down by any gusty winds. Power outages can occur on an isolated basis.

Minor flooding can occur in poor drainage areas and in the vicinity of rivers that remain near or slightly above flood stage.

The I-95 corridor from Boston to Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia, will bask under another sunny and very warm day with record-challenging temperatures.

“The rain will struggle to reach the I-95 corridor during Tuesday night, which will lead to little or no delays to evening baseball games,” Rathbun said.

Only a few rumbles of thunder may be left by the time the showers reach southern New England and the upper part of the mid-Atlantic coast from Wednesday morning into midday.

Minor delays can occur during the morning commute.

Late week outlook

“Cooler air and sunshine will return in the wake of these showers on Wednesday, but it will still be mild for this time of year,” Rathbun said.

Much of the interior Northeast will return to the 50s and 60s F, with 70s staying confined to the mid-Atlantic.