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Scorching heat to challenge records across southwestern US

It will feel more like late spring across the Desert Southwest as record-challenging heat builds this week.

As cold and snow invades the East, the pattern will be the exact opposite across portions of the West.

A large area of high pressure will hold its ground through the week, keeping the Southwest rain-free and hot with plenty of sunshine.

SW record heat

Records will be challenged from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, California, and Yuma and Phoenix, Arizona.

Yuma, Phoenix and Palm Springs will endure multiple days with highs in the lower to middle 90s F.

Temperatures this high are more typical of the early and middle portions of May.

Highs will flirt with the 90-degree Fahrenheit mark in Las Vegas. Middle to upper 80s are in store as far west as downtown Los Angeles.

Those needing a break from the heat will find relief at the Southern California beaches where the cool Pacific Ocean will keep temperatures down at the coast.

Visitors on spring break or taking a winter vacation who are not accustomed to the early season heat should take necessary precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

"The best time of day for outdoor activities will be in the morning," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Michael Doll said.

Those headed to Major League Baseball spring training games in Arizona will want to wear sunglasses and a hat, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Anyone venturing on a hike should take the same precautions as well as frequent breaks in the shade.

Motorists traveling along stretches of Interstate 8 and I-10 should ensure their vehicles are properly equipped to run in the heat and have extra water on hand in case of a breakdown.

There are indications that the warm pattern may break down early next week as storms with cooler air resume their track across California and part of the Southwest.