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Snowstorm to unload up to half a foot of snow in midwestern US

Thanks to winter taking revenge this month, a storm will deliver enough snow to shovel and plow over a broad area of the midwestern United States to start the week.

One of the many storms that have hit the Northwestern states this winter will pack enough of a punch and moisture to produce a swath of moderate snow from the northern Plains on Sunday and Sunday night, to the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley on Monday and Monday night.

"The storm is likely to unload a swath of 1 to 6 inches of snow over much of the Midwest on Monday," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Max Vido.

Static US Early Next Week

Chicago is likely to receive its first inch or more of snow since the middle of December.

Enough snow will fall from Fargo, North Dakota and Des Moines, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, to cause travel delays and disruptions to daily activities on Monday.

This storm will behave more like a storm during January or early February, rather than the middle of March. Due to cold air in front of and during the storm, much of the snow that falls will accumulate on roads and other paved surfaces.

Farther south, snowfall may be more spotty in nature, but there can be enough snow to cover the ground from St. Louis to Cincinnati. In these areas, some surfaces that were made wet by intermittent snow can freeze before drying off.

This storm will join forces with another budding storm on the Atlantic coast during Monday night and Tuesday. As the merge occurs and the storm strengthens, frigid air will pour southward from Canada on gusty northwesterly winds.

Static Disruptions Nor'easter

"The open waters of the Great Lakes have the potential to bring locally heavy amounts of snow as the storm progresses and immediately in its wake," Vido said.

As a result, travel problems may continue due to wind, cold, bands of lake-effect snow and blowing and drifting snow through the middle of the week.