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Photos: Tornadoes, severe storms wreak havoc across Midwest

Severe storms with tornadoes, high winds and hail swept across the Midwest on Monday evening into Tuesday, causing widespread damage across the region.

Tornadoes caused injuries and damaged homes in Missouri. Officials reported at least 15 people were hurt as a tornado moved through Oak Grove. None of the injuries were life threatening.

Several airplanes and airplane hangers were damaged at the Johnson County Executive Airport near Kansas City, Missouri, as high winds knocked planes on their sides and tore hangers to pieces.

Many residents around the Kansas City, Missouri, area were without power for much of Monday evening. As many as 66,000 KC&L customers were affected at 8:40 p.m. CST, but the company restored power to many throughout Monday night.

Sizable hail was spotted throughout the area. Hail as big as chicken eggs was found in Kansas.

Wind gusts reached as high as 90 mph in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Widespread tree, power line and structural damage was reported from Iowa and Wisconsin to Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Drier weather will move in for cleanup efforts on Tuesday, but wind gusts between 40 and 60 mph could hinder recovery with further damage or power outages.

Kansas hail

Hail that fell in Desoto, Kansas on Monday evening. (Photo/Twitter user xylaria01)

overturned tractor trailer 3.7.17

The St. Louis Fire Department reports a overturned tractor trailer carrying 55 gallons drums and more than 40 boxes of corrosive material. A hazardous material team has been called to the scene. (Twitter/@STLFireDept)

Trampoline tornado 3.3.17

A tornado sweeping through Missouri took a toll on a suburban neighborhood, wrapping this trampoline around a nearby tree. (Twitter/@KielO)


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Reed ks wall cloud

A wall cloud was spotted near Edgerton, Kansas, by AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer around 7:18 p.m. CST Monday.