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Drenching, locally severe storms to rumble across southern US on Tuesday

Heavy and potentially damaging thunderstorms will march across the southern United States into Tuesday night.

The thunderstorms are a continuation of a severe weather outbreak to start the week. Tornadoes, hail and straight-line wind gusts between 60 and 90 mph were reported from Minnesota to Oklahoma on Monday afternoon and night.

Thunderstorms will shift south and east into Tuesday night, stretching along an approximate 1,000-mile stretch from Kentucky to eastern Texas.

“Drenching and gusty thunderstorms will persist into Tuesday night across the Tennessee and lower Mississippi valleys with isolated incidents of flash flooding, damaging winds and hail,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

Gusty storms South 3.7 AM

Wind gusts to 60 mph can whip around any loose outdoor items and knock down trees and power lines, leading to sporadic power outages.

Although the tornado threat has greatly lessened since Monday, an isolated brief spin up or two cannot be ruled out.

Nashville, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and Birmingham, Alabama, will be some of the cities rattled by the thunderstorms, according to Pydynowski.

The severe weather threat will primarily stay to the north and east of Houston. The city will most likely receive a brief period of drenching rain and gusty winds as the line of thunderstorms sinks southward on Tuesday afternoon.

The thunderstorms are expected to weaken as they progress southward into Montgomery, Alabama, Atlanta and New Orleans during Tuesday evening. Sudden gusty winds can accompany the weakening line of thunderstorms.

Motorists will need to be wary of the heightened risks for reduced visibility and hydroplaning at highway speeds along interstates 20, 40, 59, 65 and 75. Commute times could be slower than normal.

The South will quickly clear out on Wednesday as high pressure settles over the region, allowing any cleanup operations to go about without weather disruptions.

A potent storm this weekend will set up a renewed threat for severe weather over the lower Mississippi Valley and Southeast, with the potential for snow to the north.