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Train of storms to slam the northwestern US with barrage of rain, snow

Storm-weary residents of the Pacific Northwest can expect little rest from unsettled weather during the upcoming week.

Yet another parade of storms is set to follow the river of atmospheric moisture aimed at the Northwest this week.

Rounds of drenching rain and heavy mountain snow are again set to pummel Seattle and Portland, Oregon, as well as the Cascades of Washington and Oregon and the Bitterroots of Idaho and Montana.

The first storm system will crash onshore early Tuesday and bring up to an inch of rainfall in coastal areas and several inches of snowfall to the mountains by the time it exits on Tuesday night.

Tuesday Northwest Storm

“After a brief break in the action Wednesday with steady rain becoming more showery in nature, a new storm will deliver another soaking to Seattle and Portland on Thursday and Thursday night before that system begins to move eastward on Friday,” according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

Between the two systems, rainfall amounts may total 2-3 inches in Seattle and Portland by week’s end, leading to localized flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas, Adamson added.

Parade of Storms

Portland received nearly three times the normal amount of rainfall typically seen in February when a staggering 10 inches of rain fell.

Seattle recorded nearly 9 inches of rainfall in February alone, exceeding its normal monthly rainfall by over 5 inches.

Any significant rainfall on top of these totals can exacerbate flooding concerns and push rivers already running well above their normal levels out over their banks, threatening lives and property.

“As each storm moves farther eastward, snow will fall in the Cascades and Bitterroots with over a foot probable in the highest elevations by the end of the week, making travel along I-90 between Billings, Montana and Snoqualmie Pass in Washington difficult,” Adamson said.

The snow will only add to the surplus of snow enjoyed by skiers this winter season and help to extend ski season well into the spring.

A third storm may plow into the Northwest later on Saturday into Sunday with the next dose of soaking rainfall and mountain snow.