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Dangerous thunderstorms to rattle midwestern US Tuesday

Prior to midweek, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, downpours and hail will threaten areas from Indiana to Texas.

The thunderstorms are expected to be potent enough in terms of wind and hail to cause structural, tree and power line damage in some communities.

The soaking nature of the thunderstorms will heighten the threat of localized flash flooding and street flooding.

Residents from Indianapolis to St. Louis and Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Memphis, Tennessee, will be in the crosshairs of the damaging thunderstorms late Tuesday and Tuesday night.

“A developing and intensifying storm system will slide east across the nation's heartland early this week,” AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos said.

Severe Tue/Tue night

Warm and humid air ahead of the storm will spark and add fuel to the severe thunderstorms.

“Thunderstorms will erupt across the Ozarks and the Lower Mississippi Valley late Tuesday afternoon and evening and spread east through the overnight hours into the Ohio and Tennessee River valleys into Wednesday,” Avalos said.

Into Tuesday night, portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee will be subject to the destructive thunderstorms.

Avalos is concerned that the thunderstorms can produce strong, damaging wind gusts, large hail and localized flash flooding.

Should all the necessary ingredients come together, a few tornadoes could also be in the realm of possibility.

“Outdoor furniture should be secured and cars should be covered, if possible, to prevent any property damage,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Faith Eherts said.

Given the threat for severe weather after dark, having a means of getting severe weather alerts at night can be life saving. Residents may want to keep their cell phone on with the volume up or invest in a weather radio.

Motorists should be aware of drastic decreases in visibility, pooling of water on roadways and slower-than-normal commute times.

Wed t-storms

Delays may occur at major airport hubs until the thunderstorms have safely passed.

Drier and more seasonable air will sweep southward across the Midwest behind the soaking storms.

As the storm swiftly pushes eastward, the threat for heavy and gusty thunderstorms will target the Eastern Seaboard on Wednesday and Wednesday night.