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Cold air to slash springlike temperatures in northeastern US

After record-shattering warmth baked the mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Friday, much colder air is set to make a comeback later this weekend.

Both daily and all-time February record highs were set across several states on Friday.

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A new daily record high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit was set in Pittsburgh and fell only 1 degree short of tying the all-time February record.

Cleveland, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania, both reached 77 degrees on Friday, not only breaking a daily record but smashing the previous all-time February record highs by several degrees.

Altoona, Scranton, State College, Allentown, and Reading, Pennsylvania; as well as Buffalo and Binghamton, New York, all either tied or broke their previous all-time February records.

The mercury soared to an astonishing 74 degrees as far north as Albany, New York, and beat the previous all-time February record by a staggering 5 degrees.

Following heavy, gusty thunderstorms on Saturday, residents in these and other cities throughout the Northeast will face the return of winter’s chill by Sunday.

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“As people walk out the door on Sunday morning, the cooler weather may come as a shock, with high temperatures anywhere from 30 to 40 degrees cooler than on Thursday and Friday,” according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Max Vido.

Highs will struggle to reach the middle 50s in the southern mid-Atlantic by Sunday with an even greater contrast between Friday’s and Sunday’s highs farther north.

Temperatures in the 70s F will be replaced with highs in the 40s F along the I-95 corridor with lower to middle 30s expected across interior regions on Sunday, according to Vido.

Strong winds accompanying the chilly air will cause AccuWeather ReelFeel® Temperatures to hold in the 20s across the interior and in the 30s to lower 40s elsewhere.

Although these temperatures are within a few degrees of average for late February, the air will feel drastically colder in comparison to the above-average warmth in the East so far this month.

Residents venturing outdoors will be trading in shorts, t-shirts and sunscreen for heavy winter coats and scarves by Sunday.

Weather ideal for biking, hiking and outdoor activities will be replaced by ideal skiing and snowboarding conditions.

“To the delight of those who appreciated the warmth of the past few days, the cooler weather will be short-lived, with temperatures forecast to moderate back into the 50s and lower 60s by Tuesday and Wednesday,” Vido said.