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Record-challenging warmth to briefly return to northeastern US

After a brief cooldown in the eastern United States early this week, temperatures will again surge to springtime levels.

While temperatures have remained above average east of the Mississippi, a passing storm system limited temperatures in the Northeast early this week.

A storm set to intensify over the center of the country will bring blizzard conditions to parts of the Upper Midwest, as well as a surge of warmth up the Eastern Seaboard.

Temperatures will soar to levels more typical of April, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

“Temperatures are expected to reach into the 50s F as far north as upstate New York and southern Maine on Thursday, while 60-degree Fahrenheit temperatures push into northern Pennsylvania and southern New York,” Elliott said.

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As wind and snow batter areas from Nebraska to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Friday, heat will continue to surge northward out ahead of the storm.

“Temperatures can soar into the 70s as far north as southern Pennsylvania, with 80-degree readings possible as far north as southern Virginia,” he added.

In Pittsburgh, the warmth is expected to peak on Friday with a high in the mid-70s. The record high for that day is 70, which has remained the highest temperature for any Feb. 24 since 1906.

New high temperature records are expected to be set on Friday throughout the Northeast.

High temperatures are expected to approach or exceed current records in areas such as Philadelphia; New York City; Washington, D.C. and Columbus, Ohio.

As the storm tracks over the Great Lakes, it will spark severe storms in the Midwest on Friday and Friday night.

This feature will bring an end to springlike weather from Des Moines, Iowa, to Columbus.

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The system will pass to the north of New England on Saturday, dragging a soaking cold front into the eastern U.S.

While temperatures are expected to drop by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit between Saturday and Sunday in the Northeast, they will be dropping back to average in most locations.

The forecast high for Pittsburgh drops to 60 for Saturday, and only 41 on Sunday, which is right around the average for that day of 42.

Despite the seasonality of the upcoming weather, the cold will feel especially sharp after the May-like conditions.

However, in line with the recent pattern, another surge of warmth is in the works for later next week.

AccuWeather long-range forecasters predict spring will take its time to truly sink into the Northeast. This suggests that alternating warmth and chill will continue to plague the region.