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Will midweek cold shot help another northeastern US winter storm unfold?

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Fresh cold air is set to plunge back into the eastern United States starting at midweek with New England facing the potential for more disruptive snow.

In the wake of the blizzard starting the new week in eastern New England, two more storm systems will track to the East Coast at midweek.

While one system spreads from Texas to the Southeast, another will drop down from Canada into the Great Lakes and Northeast with snow showers and fresh chilly air.

A new round of heavier lake-effect snow showers and squalls will get kicked up as the colder air rushes in.

East Feb 12

The key to whether the Atlantic Seaboard will be faced with another major winter storm at midweek is dependent on how quick these systems merge together.

The storms combining along or prior to reaching the East Coast could lead to a far-reaching major winter storm and potentially a repeat of one of the blizzards from earlier this month.

A delay in that connection would reduce the threat zone along the East Coast—a scenario that odds are currently favoring.

“While there was some potential for a major East Coast storm, that seems unlikely at this time,” AccuWeather Chief Video Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said.

“In order for that to come to fruition, the storm in the Southwest would have to move steadily eastward and get ahead of the clipper coming down from Canada. However, the Southwest storm is slower and that setup is unlikely.”

That does not mean that all of the East Coast will escape significant snow at midweek.

“We still think that the threat is there in northern New England for several inches of snow,” Rayno said.

The snow could mean another round of disruptions to travel and daily routines. Cities potentially at risk include Portland and Bangor, Maine, and Montreal, Quebec City and Fredericton, Canada.

Clearing sidewalks, driveways and streets may become difficult as residents and crews will have to work to pile the additional snow onto the large mounds of snow left in the wake of the burying blizzard.

Storm Feb 12

Schools plagued by snow days already since last week may be forced to close once again.

As the snowstorm unfolds in the north, “the big story elsewhere in the Northeast is that it will be cold Thursday into Friday,” Rayno said.

“It will feel like February with temperatures a little below normal,” he said. “It is not arctic cold, but there will be some wind that will add to the cold.”

The wind will hold AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures several degrees below actual temperatures.

Temperatures are expected to rebound next weekend, but the risk for additional winter storms may not be over.

“There will likely be another opportunity or two for a major storm in the Eastern states prior to the end of the month, especially during the period from Feb. 20 to 24,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

"Even into March, there will be few opportunities for snowstorms to develop on the East Coast," AccuWeather Long-Range Meteorologist Evan Duffey said. "There are many signs pointing towards a period in early March when below normal cold will be able to flood the east.”