Frigid air to pour into eastern US with late-week snowstorm

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The recent warm spell impacting the eastern half of the country will be brought to an abrupt end this week as cold air spills in from Canada.

A snowstorm expected to impact the Northeast beginning on Wednesday night will usher this new air mass into the region.

“The next shot of cold air to end the week will be a reminder that winter is far from over,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun.

While the influx of cold air will return temperatures back to seasonable levels across the Midwest, South and Northeast, it will feel much chillier compared to the recent warmth.

“Record warmth will be replaced with highs ranging from the single digits and teens in northern New England, 20s across southern New England and the 30s in the mid-Atlantic,” said Rathbun.

Cold returns

On Thursday, temperatures are expected to peak in the low 20s in the Windy City.

Where snow falls in the Midwest and Northeast this week, the chill will help to preserve the snow pack for a few days.

Atlanta fell just 2 degrees shy of its record high on Monday, Feb. 6, after topping out at 71 F. After flirting with the 70-degree mark again on Wednesday, temperatures will plummet into the low 40s F overnight.

“This cold snap will be short-lived as temperatures climb back above average this weekend,” said Rathbun.

After falling 20 degrees between Wednesday and Thursday, high temperatures are expected to rebound back to early week levels by Saturday across the eastern U.S.

“Washington, D.C. could challenge 70 once again,” said Rathbun.

“Most if not all of the snow that falls on Thursday could be gone by the start of next week," he added.

With current heat records in the low 70s F across the southern mid-Atlantic, record-breaking temperatures could be in store for this weekend.