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Deadly pileups occur in Pennsylvania amid sudden, blinding snow squalls

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Locally heavy snow squalls erupted over parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and northern Virginia and may have contributed to multiple automobile accidents on Monday.

"As the squalls crossed major highways in the region, a sudden change in visibility and a quick covering of snow caused dangerous conditions," Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

A pileup involving 40 cars and 11 trucks occurred on Monday afternoon on along I-83 in York County, Pennsylvania as a snow squall moved over the highway.

At least one fatality and multiple injuries have occurred due to the accident with the highway being shut down for several hours in both directions.

York Pileup

A webcam shows the pileup in York County after the snow squall had passed. (Photo/PennDOT)

York pileup 2

A deadly pileup occurred earlier in the day on I-80 eastbound in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

State police said that at least one person has died in the 20-vehicle pileup, which took place around 11 a.m. EST.

"Snow squalls will continue to push southeastward into Monday evening, before fading away or moving off the mid-Atlantic coast," Sosnowski said.

A storm with more general snow will blanket areas from the Great Lakes to the upper mid-Atlantic and New England from Monday night to Wednesday.