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Wintry mix to pose travel problems across northeastern US this weekend

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After coating much of the central Plains and Midwest with ice, a wintry system will make its way into the northeastern United States.

This expansive area of wet weather will spread northward into the Northeast beginning on Friday, where it will reach into Maryland before encroaching into southwestern Pennsylvania that evening.

Temperatures will be high enough in Kentucky, the Carolinas, Virginia and much of West Virginia to allow any precipitation to fall as rain throughout the event.

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Just north of these states, however, temperatures near or just below freezing will create the potential for slippery roads and sidewalks. This would result in travel delays throughout the region.

“Unlike last weekend, the main concern will be slippery roads as a result of sleet and freezing rain as opposed to snow,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Michael Doll.

After glazing cities in the Ohio Valley, including St. Louis and Indianapolis, on Friday, periods of icy precipitation are expected to begin in the Pittsburgh area on Friday night.

While temperatures will peak above freezing on Friday, road conditions could deteriorate quickly as temperatures fall into the upper 20s overnight.

By Saturday, periods of icy precipitation can be anticipated from Kansas City through Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and even as far south and east as Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. by the afternoon.

Conducive to creating slick pavement, these conditions could result in snarled traffic as well as airline delays and cancellations.

North of Interstate 80, conditions will be cool enough for any precipitation to fall as on-and-off snow showers.

Snowflakes will fly throughout northern Pennsylvania, much of New York and throughout southern New England, mainly during the afternoon.

Snow is also expected in cities such as Chicago and Detroit. Major accumulations are not currently expected.

“While some areas will receive mostly snow, accumulations will be modest compared to the last winter storm,” said Doll.

By Saturday evening, falling temperatures will promote a full changeover to snow where precipitation lingers in New Jersey and southern New England. There is potential for minor accumulations along the Interstate 95 corridor by Sunday morning.

Bitterly cold weather will not follow this particular burst of winter weather, as temperatures are expected to remain within 5 degrees of average during and after the event.