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Cold outbreak to lay groundwork for late-week Northeast snow

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A blast of chilly air expected to infiltrate the Northeast will set the groundwork for a quick-hitting snow event along the Interstate-95 corridor late this week.

While high temperatures along the Northeast coast will generally be in the 50s F on Wednesday, a blast of chilly air will drop most areas below freezing for Thursday and Friday.

After unseasonably warm weather on Wednesday, temperatures will plummet into the 20s F by early Thursday morning, even throughout the coastal mid-Atlantic.

In particular, major cities along Interstate 95, including Boston, New York and Baltimore, can anticipate as much as a 15-degree drop in highs between Wednesday and Thursday.

This cooldown will occur just in time to ensure any precipitation arrives as snow, sticking to roadways as far south as Washington, D.C.

A wintry system is expected to clip the Northeast beginning on Thursday evening in the mid-Atlantic and early Friday in southern New England.

I95 snow 1/4

“The snow will fall during the predawn and morning hours on Friday from Boston to Washington,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson said.

Once snow begins to coat the pavement, bridges and overpasses will become slippery before other parts of the road.

Up to an inch of snow could accumulate along parts of Interstate 95 by midmorning on Friday.

“While this certainly will not be a major snowfall, the timing of this covering of snow will make many roads slippery for the Friday morning commute,” Thompson said.

Some locations outside of heavy traffic areas could receive higher amounts.

“If the storm tracks close enough to the coast, some places could pick up a few inches of snow on Cape Cod and eastern Long Island,” Thompson said.

During rush hour on Friday morning, the recent temperature plummet combined with snow-slicked roads could catch many commuters offguard.

Travelers should drive cautiously, allot extra time during this period to reach their destination and make sure they have plenty of fuel for their commutes.

While dry weather is expected for Friday afternoon, thick cloud cover and highs flirting with the freezing mark lend little confidence that roads will improve greatly for the evening commute.

The threat for snow will return on Saturday along the Northeast coast.