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Northeast to receive fresh bout of lake-effect snow and chill before week’s end

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After snow showers taper off across New York and New England late on Monday, lingering lake-effect snow will keep skies shrouded over much of upstate New York through Tuesday. However, sunshine is expected to make an appearance over much of New England on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Peeks of blue sky will be brief as another system dips into the Northeast from southeastern Canada during the middle of the week.

This system is expected bring some snow showers into the region beyond the typical lake-effect snow areas.

However, “that is still somewhat uncertain as there is limited moisture to work with,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

The main driver behind any midweek snow will be the next blast of chilly air expected to infiltrate the Northeast.

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As evidenced by upwards of a foot of snow on the ground in parts of upstate New York and northwestern Pennsylvania on Sunday morning, lake-effect snow has been in full swing over the past week.

“The bitterly cold air will certainly fire up the lake-effect snow machine Thursday and Friday, though,” Pydynowski said of the otherwise low-impact weather system.

“Some areas downwind of lakes Erie and Ontario in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania will likely pick up over a foot of fresh snow during this time.”

As these regions again become subject to extended periods of heavy snow, slick roadways and white-out conditions will threaten drivers.

Anyone venturing out during the lake-effect snow event should travel slowly and cautiously as spin-outs become more likely in adverse winter weather conditions.