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Bouts of snow to invade northeastern US prior to arctic blast

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Even before the coldest air so far this season arrives, parts of the northeastern United States will face bouts of slow and slick travel early this week.

The same storm coating the Midwest with snow to end the weekend will swing eastward into the Northeast by Monday.

“A major snowstorm will not evolve,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Renee Duff said. “However, enough snow will fall to cover grassy areas and cause slick road conditions.”

“This storm will spread some snow into Pennsylvania and into New England, making for some slippery conditions late Sunday night into the Monday morning commute,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Ed Vallee said.

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The heavy snow totals measured in the vicinity of northern Illinois will not be repeated.

The snow will initially accumulate mainly on grassy and elevated surfaces as it arrives in Pennsylvania and western New York in the evening. Roads will generally be wet.

The one exception will be in the highest terrain of the Laurel Mountains and southward into the West Virginia mountains where roads could coat roads and create slick spots.

More travel issues will arise later at night and into Monday morning as the snow spreads over more of northern Pennsylvania, New York and New England with colder air in place.

Motorists can anticipate slushy or snow-covered conditions on portions of Interstates 81, 86, 87, 91 and 93. The same can be said for I-90 from Rochester to Syracuse to Albany in New York and to Springfield and Worcester in Massachusetts.

Slick spots will also unfold in the higher terrain along Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania and northwestern New Jersey.

“Areas nearer the coast will likely stay above freezing, mitigating any snowfall accumulation threat,” Vallee said.

This includes in New York City and downtown Boston. However, nuisance snow will make roads and sidewalks slippery in each city's northern and western suburbs.

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By Monday afternoon, any lingering snow will be confined to New England. The snow will tend to be light and mainly confined to grassy surfaces before winding down by the evening hours.

As quick as this system departs, another will approach the Northeast from the south on Tuesday.

“While much of the storm will be in the form of rain, some snow and ice will be possible at the onset of the storm across northern Pennsylvania, New York and New England away from the water,” Vallee said.

“This may create some slippery travel prior to any change to rain.”

The wintry mix will also unfold in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania and neighboring higher terrain of Maryland on Tuesday before spreading northward into the overnight hours.

Snow and sleet will generally total a coating to a couple of inches, including from State College, Pennsylvania, to Syracuse and Albany, New York, to Burlington, Vermont, and Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Any slippery spots during the day would first develop on bridges and overpasses as temperatures drop down to around freezing at the wintry mix’s onset.

Plain soaking rain will spread along the I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia to New York City with a little rain and wet snow sneaking northward to Boston and Portland, Maine.

A drier Wednesday will unfold before the arctic blast arrives late week.

The arrival of the frigid air could come with another snow opportunity for the Northeast with significant lake-effect snow to follow.