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BREAKING: Only 5 survive as plane carrying professional soccer team crashes in Colombia

A plane carrying 81 people went down as it approached Medellin, Colombia, early Tuesday morning. Aboard the plane was the Brazilian Chapecoense football team.

Reports say local police confirmed 76 people aboard the plane died, leaving behind only five survivors.

According to local media, at least four people are rumored to have survived, but there are 25 deaths from the crash.

The plane reported electrical failure shortly before it went down. Aboard the aircraft were reportedly 72 passengers and nine crew members.

The crash happened in a mountainous region in Cerro Gordo, a municipality of La Union shortly before midnight. Due to poor visibility, the area can only be reached by land.

Chapecoense was on its way to Medellin to play Atletico Nacional in the final for Copa Sudamericana.

While officials have been searching the area for survivors, rescue efforts have been suspended due to heavy rain near the crash sight. Rain and thunderstorms fell throughout Monday evening, but it is not yet clear if the weather played a factor in the crash.

The plane was coming from Bolivia in preparation for the team's match on Wednesday. However in light of the crash, officials from the South American soccer federation said all soccer activities are suspended until further notice.

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