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Northeastern US to receive beneficial rain followed by late-week warmth

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Parts of the eastern mid-Atlantic and New England will receive much-needed rain early this week, followed by a surge of warm air.

A coastal storm will become organized off the coast of North Carolina on Monday afternoon, gathering moisture as it treks towards New England.

Rain will spread from the Outer Banks inland towards Raleigh, North Carolina, and northward to Baltimore on Monday.

As the system continues northward overnight on Monday, rain will steadily spread along the Interstate-95 corridor into southern New England.

"Much of this region remains in moderate to extreme drought, so any rain will be beneficial at this point," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Renee Duff.

Boston is one such area experiencing extreme drought conditions, according to the USGS .

Philadelphia, New York and Boston are among cities that are expected to receive rainfall above 0.01 of an inch for the first time since Oct. 30.

"The rain will spread from Boston to Caribou, Maine, during the day on Tuesday," said Duff.

The precipitation will spread inland to Albany, New York, and towards Burlington, Vermont, as well. Both cities are currently experiencing severe drought conditions.

Up to an inch of rain may fall in some drought-stricken areas before the rain tapers off late on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday, the bulk of the precipitation will will move out of New England.

Cooler conditions are anticipated to accompany the area of rain and clouds throughout its trek from the Carolinas to Maine.

"After the storm quickly exits the coast, the door will be opened for unseasonably mild conditions to build across the region," said Duff.

Baltimore is expected to have a high temperature in the middle 60s on Friday, while the seasonal average is only 56 F.

According to Duff, this abnormality will be widespread.

"By Friday, temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit above normal across a large part of the region," she said.

Temperatures are expected to decrease to seasonal levels by the end of the weekend.

Chilly weather may blow into the Northeast early next week depending on the path of a potentially powerful storm.

Story written by AccuWeather Meteorologist Faith Eherts.