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Storms to bring gusty winds to Northeast Sunday

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A round of strong storms will threaten a portion of the Northeast later on Sunday, putting millions of people at risk.

An unseasonably warm air mass and a sufficient amount of moisture will cause the atmosphere to turn unstable during Sunday afternoon and evening across Ohio, Pennsylvania, southern New York, New Jersey and Maryland. An approaching cold front will cause a few thunderstorms to ignite, some of which may turn strong.

"Some of the storms will be capable of producing a few wind gusts to 60 mph," AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos said.

Wind gusts of this magnitude could bring down small trees, cause power outages and blow around any loose objects outside.

A few places that could have heavy and gusty thunderstorms include New York City, Trenton, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Travel on interstates 76, 79, 80, 81, and 95 could be impacted for a time by passing showers and thunderstorms.

The storms will bring downpours that will lower visibility and slow travel. Motorists will want to use caution if they encounter a brief period of heavy rain. Outdoor plans will likely be delayed or even ruined later on Sunday.

"The storms will also be capable of producing a few instances of large hail," Avalos warned.

Folks will want to keep an eye to the sky and to weather radar this afternoon and evening.

Any strong thunderstorms that do develop are expected to weaken late this evening once the sun sets.

Despite November being just a couple days away, thunderstorms this time of the year in the Northeast still can pack a punch under the right conditions. Clashes of warm and cold air can stir up the atmosphere just enough for strong thunderstorms to form during mid- to late autumn.