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Mild air to surge across the UK this week

Warmer air will sweep over the United Kingdom by the middle of this week, a change from the cool conditions lingering after last week.

High pressure building over western Europe will result in a southerly wind and temperatures climbing several degrees above normal as early as Wednesday.

Temperatures will climb as high as 15-16 C (60 F) around Manchester from Wednesday through Friday.

High temperatures of 16-17 C (61-63 F) are expected across southern England, including in greater London, into the weekend.

Normal high temperatures across Wales, the Midlands and southern England range from 11-13 C (52-56 F) in late October.

This area of high pressure will also yield dry weather across England and Wales into the upcoming weekend.

Even though dry and mild weather is expected, clouds and fog could interrupt otherwise pleasant weather.

"Areas of low clouds and fog will be across Wales and England much of this week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

While southern parts of the United Kingdom can expect dry weather, the threat for rainfall will be in place from Northern Ireland and Scotland to northwest England.

Showers will be most widespread on Thursday when rainfall is possible for several hours across western Scotland.