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Strengthening tropical cyclone to target Myanmar to India

A strengthening cyclone will unleash heavy rain and strong winds on areas from western Myanmar to northeast India and Bangladesh this week.

The northern Indian Ocean has been void tropical activity since August and has not had a named cyclone since May, however that is likely to change by Monday as the newly formed depression continues to strengthen.

Upon reaching sustained winds of 65 km/h (40 mph) the depression will be upgraded to a cyclonic storm and given the name Kyant.

Impacts through Tuesday will be mainly limited western Myanmar where downpours can total 50 mm (2 inches) or more in a short period causing flash flooding.

The worst conditions will remain over the northern Bay of Bengal where torrential rain and strong winds will be a danger to any boats in the area.

The newly formed storm will turn northwest on Tuesday and Wednesday moving farther into the open Bay of Bengal, but moving toward northeast Indian and Bangladesh.

Rain could begin to lash areas from Kolkata through southern Bangladesh on Wednesday afternoon with conditions worsening Wednesday night into Thursday the storm continues to approach.

The worst conditions are expected later Thursday into Friday as the storm makes moves inland in either northeast India or Bangladesh. Damaging winds will be possible with gusts over 100 km/h (62 mph) possible near the point of landfall.

Widespread heavy rainfall will elevate the risk for flooding as rainfall totals 75-150 mm (3-6 inches) across the region with localized amounts over 200 mm (8 inches).

The storm will weaken quickly as it moves inland and turns northeast tracking across Bangladesh and Northeast India, however heavy rainfall will continue the threat for flooding and mudslides into Saturday.