Sunshine to aid cleanup efforts across the Southeast in wake of Matthew

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As Matthew departs away from the East Coast Sunday, high pressure will follow in and help bring a stretch of improving weather conditions for the Southeast.

"Sunday will still feature gusty winds which will be a hindrance to cleanup efforts, but the first half of the week will not feature any problems otherwise," AccuWeather Meteorologist Frank Strait said.

A northerly wind flow will help bring cool and more comfortable air into the Southeast Monday through Wednesday.

Most areas that have been ravaged by Matthew will see abundant sunshine over the span of those days. Temperatures will generally be 5 to 10 F below-normal in the afternoon.

Humidity levels will also be lowered due to the arrival of dry air, which will make for comfortable outdoor conditions.

These kind of conditions will be ideal for cleanup efforts after Matthew devastated the Southeast Coast this past week and weekend. Life-threatening rain and storm surge along with powerful winds devastated many coastal and inland communities from Florida to the Carolinas.

While high pressure will keep much of this region dry early in the week, the story will be slightly different for Florida.

"An easterly flow over Florida will lead to passing showers along the eastern coast," Strait said.

While the showers are not expected to be heavy and will be short-lived, they will be enough of a nuisance for those trying to assess the damage left by Matthew.

In addition to the showers, Matthew could present more problems down the road for Florida or the Bahamas.

The track of Matthew after it departs the Carolinas is uncertain at this time, but AccuWeather Meteorologists are concerned it may curve back towards the Bahamas or Florida coastline.

Regardless, the early part of the week should still feature ideal weather conditions and if Matthew does not track back towards the coast, then the stretch of pleasant weather may continue through the rest of the week.