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Tropical Storm Nicole to threaten rough surf, rip currents in Bermuda

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Tropical Storm Nicole developed over the Atlantic Ocean, joining Hurricane Matthew, on Tuesday morning.

Nicole does not pose any immediate threat to land and will slowly churn over the open waters of the western Atlantic, located well northeast of Puerto Rico.

Current satellite loop of Nicole. (Satellite/NOAA)

Nicole will track to the northwest over the next couple of days before slowing down and perhaps stalling south or southeast of Bermuda, according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

As Nicole moves to the northwest, it will enter an area of higher wind shear, which will create unfavorable conditions for further tropical development. Wind shear is the change in wind speed or direction with altitude.

As a result, Nicole may weaken into a tropical depression late this week or early this weekend.

Though Nicole is expected to stay south of Bermuda, it may produce rough seas around the island. The storm is forecast to heighten the risk of rip currents along south-facing beaches of Bermuda.

Cruise and shipping interests should monitor Nicole's strength and track.

Nicole is forecast to meander around the Atlantic Ocean as a tropical depression into early next week.