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Chaba: Taiwan, Japan and China on alert for next typhoon threat

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A new typhoon is brewing in the western Pacific Ocean and could pose a risk to Japan, Taiwan and eastern China next week.

Chaba is churning near Guam on a track to become the next typhoon by Saturday local time. This would develop on the heels of Typhoon Megi.

Chaba is likely to track farther north than Megi, but all interests from northern Taiwan to Japan are urged to monitor the future typhoon's progress for possible impacts next week.

Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands will continue to face drenching rain squalls from Chaba into Thursday night. Localized flash flooding is possible.

After pushing away from Guam, Chaba will be over the open waters of the western Pacific Ocean into this weekend. The danger to shipping interests will gradually become more severe as damaging winds, torrential rain and seas increase around Chaba's center.

"Chaba will be a conducive environment for further strengthening to occur over the weekend and into early next week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards said.

The risk to lives and property will increase early next week if Chaba takes a track toward land.

"Impacts to land appear possible at some point during the early to middle part of next week," Richards said. "Chaba will approach the Ryukyu Islands of Japan by Monday."

If Chaba remains south of a zone of disruptive winds, known as wind shear, it is possible that its strength will be equal to that of a Category 2 or perhaps Category 3 hurricane on Monday.

One scenario for Chaba plows the future typhoon through the Ryukyu Islands early next week before curving into mainland Japan.

This is a live loop of Chaba. (NOAA/Satellite)

It is possible that Chaba curves to the north then northeast fast enough for its damaging winds and flooding rain to either bypass or only graze the Ryukyu Islands and mainland Japan.

If Chaba is even slower to take that turn, it could target the southernmost Ryukyu Islands and northern Taiwan before taking aim at Japan or the Korean Peninsula. In this scenario, eastern China may also face impacts if Chaba tracks far enough to the west.

The latest typhoon threat comes after Taiwan and eastern China are beginning to cleanup after once-Typhoon Megi left five dead and more than 600 injured.