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BREAKING: MLB pitcher dies in boating accident

Jose Fernandez, pitcher for the Miami Marlins, died in a boating accident in southern Florida early Sunday morning.

ESPN reports that Fernandez was one of three people found dead when police responded to a boating accident.

"Authorities found a 30-foot boat overturned that had crashed into the rocks off Miami Beach," ESPN stated.

Fernandez was 24 years old. Authorities were searching for survivors.

Radar indicates that thunderstorms had developed over the Miami Beach area around 11 p.m. EDT on Saturday, but had pushed out of the area by 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Police were notified of a possible boating accident at 3 a.m. EDT.

Preliminary observations from buoys in the vicinity of Miami Beach did not include wave heights early on Sunday morning. Wind gusts of 3-10 mph were reported.

Sunday's game between the Marlins and the Atlanta Braves has been canceled.