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Weekly wrap-up: Violent Turrialba Volcano eruption sends ash plume 13,000 feet into air; Lightning kills Russian football player

Autumn officially arrived on Thursday, but it felt more like summer in the northeastern United States.

Highs in New York City and Boston hit into the upper 80s F for the first day of the new season.

Meanwhile, steady rain fell over southern Virginia as lingering impacts from Julia fueled tropical moisture into the area. Torrential rain dumped over the Norfolk, Virginia, area Tuesday into Wednesday morning and left streets looking like rivers.

More than 13.5 inches of rain fell in Kempsville, Virginia, just south of Norfolk, in 72 hours.

Flooding in Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday, Sept. 21. (Facebook photo/Amy Lisbeth)

Heavy rain also hit the central U.S. on Wednesday night. Mudslides and street flooding were reported in parts of Wisconsin and Iowa amid torrential rainfall.

While rain and storms persisted throughout much of the United States this week, Southern California continues to be plagued by wildfires.

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The Soberanes Fire is currently the largest fire in California and it continues to burn in the steep and challenging Ventana Wilderness area in the central region of the state.

The State of Emergency declared by the California governor remains in effect for the area.

Several fires were also reported in Puerto Rico following a fire at a power plant that blacked out the entire island on Wednesday.

Costa Rica also experienced chaos this week as the Turrialba Volcano erupted twice on Monday. The eruption shot ash almost 13,000 feet into the air. Scientists said that the peak is in a new phase of eruptive activity.

Aftermath of Turrialba Volcano eruption (Instagram photo/overlandcruiserscr)

Turrialba volcano erupted on Monday in Costa Rica (Facebook photo/Red Sismológica Nacional, Costa Rica)

The Costa Rican authorities suspended operations at two of the country's airports on Monday as a precautionary measure. The volcano eruption caused a thick ash cloud to form in the sky. Ash was spewed over the region, dropping into nearby residential areas.

Windy conditions in the morning dispersed the ash toward the west and northwestern areas of the Central Valley. Ash mainly reached sectors in northeastern San José, and areas in Alajuela and Heredia provinces.

In Russia, a young soccer player was killed tragically after being struck by lightning this week.

According to the Daily Mail, 18-year-old Alexey Simonov passed away during a local match in Siberia. Three others were injured after a bolt of lightning struck the goal posts during a penalty kick.

The referee failed to stop the game in the stormy conditions, and ambulances struggled to reach the water-logged pitch. Simonov died at the scene.

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