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Tropical Depression 13 develops off west coast of Africa

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A new tropical system has developed over the Atlantic Ocean just off the western coast of Africa.

Tropical Depression 13 took shape on Monday evening about 350 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands, joining Karl in the Atlantic.

This system is forecast to slowly gaining strength, eventually becoming a tropical storm. When this system intensifies into a tropical storm, it will be named Lisa.

This is a live loop of Tropical Depression 13 (NOAA/Satellite).

"The system will first track westward across the southern Atlantic around a large ridge of high pressure, before being steered on a more northwestward track later this week," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

Tropical Depression 13 is not expected to affect the United States as it remains over the open waters of the Atlantic, according to Edwards.

While Tropical Depression 13 does not pose any threat to the United States, it could bring rough seas and rip currents to the Cabo Verde Islands, as well as disrupt any boats traveling across this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Depression 13 is the third tropical system to develop in this part of the Atlantic Basin so far this year, with the first two being Tropical Storm Fiona and Hurricane Gaston.

This system will likely have a similar fate to its two predecessors, tracking across the open waters of the ocean for several days before dissipating.