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Weekend storms to slash heat, humidity in northeastern US

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After a burst of July-like heat and humidity to end the week, conditions more typical of September will arrive in the northeastern United States later this weekend.

"Temperatures and humidity levels will become much more comfortable in the wake of a cold front this weekend," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.

Thunderstorms will erupt along the leading edge of the cooler air from west to east late Saturday into Sunday.

Prior to this weekend, batches of showers and thunderstorms will dot some areas of the Northeast into Friday night as a couple of weak systems move across the region.

Widespread severe weather is not expected, but a few of the strongest storms could be locally heavy and gusty over the next few days.

The weekend storms will usher in lower humidity and more seasonable temperatures from Sunday into Tuesday, Adamson said.

High temperatures are expected to plunge from the middle to upper 80s on Saturday to the low to middle 70s F on Sunday in Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania; Buffalo and Syracuse, New York; Burlington, Vermont; and Cleveland.

From New York City to Washington, D.C., highs in the 90s will be replaced with highs in the 80s and lower humidity to start the new week.

Conditions will be much closer to a typical for this time of year. In addition, humidity levels will become noticeably more comfortable.

"Residents will have the opportunity to give the air conditioning a rest and open up the windows," Adamson said.

The dry and mainly sunny conditions will give residents an excellent opportunity to take part in outdoor activities.

Calm, clear nights will lend to cool low temperatures, especially in the central Appalachians, Adirondacks and New England. Folks with plans to camp or head out for the evening may want to bring along a jacket.

The temperature and humidity trends are expected to remain on a roller-coaster pattern through much of next week.

"Temperatures will trend back upward Tuesday into Wednesday, but it will not be quite as warm as the end of this week," Adamson said.

Another cooldown may arrive in the region later next week.