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PHOTOS: Tornado flattens building in Kokomo, Indiana

Multiple tornadoes touched down across Indiana on Wednesday afternoon as severe thunderstorms tracked across the state.

Two of the severe thunderstorms produced tornadoes, one just to the northwest of Indianapolis and the other near the town of Kokomo, Indiana.

One of the tornado-producing thunderstorms that moved through Kokomo caused heavy damage to a Starbucks in the town, but fortunately no one inside the coffee shop was injured.

The tornado also brought down trees and power lines around the town, leading to over 19,000 power outages, according to Duke energy.

There were an additional 1,000 electric customers without power around Indianapolis, according to Indianapolis Power and Light Company.

The tornado near Indianapolis was not as strong as the one farther north, but it still lead to some minor damage as well as sporadic power outages.

There have not been any immediate reports of injuries across Indiana due to the severe thunderstorms.