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Numerous injuries reported after heavy storm causes massive pileup in Georgia

A major pileup involving more than two dozen vehicles occurred on Interstate 75 northwest of Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, NBC News reported.

No fatalities were reported, but at least 13 people had to be hospitalized, officials told NBC News. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. EDT.

Brad Cothran, a spokesman with the Bartow County Department of Emergency Medical Services, said that a brief severe storm was the cause of the accident.

"Multiple thunderstorms were in the vicinity of Atlanta around 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Andy Mussoline said. "The primary threat from the thunderstorms was torrential rainfall as there were no damaging wind reports from Sunday."

Mussoline said that visibility was reduced to one-half of a mile near Fulton County Airport west-northwest of downtown Atlanta at 5:26 p.m. However, he said it's conceivable that visibility was reduced to near zero in the core of the thunderstorms.

The total number of vehicles involved in the crashed ranged between 27-30, according to NBC News.