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Rio 2016: Warmth to unfold on Wednesday for final women's beach volleyball match

The second full week of Olympic competition is underway in Rio de Janeiro.

After rain and wind caused several delays for tennis and rowing competitions last week, weather is expected to have a limited impact to the event schedule this week.

Though some showers could occur at times, the threat of wind and rain will diminish this week.

After heat builds on Monday, temperatures will fall slightly on Tuesday to the low 80s F (near 27 C).

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A weak front could lead to some showers, AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Miller said.

"There'll be some showers to dodge, especially into the evening," he said.

Track and field athletes could see damp conditions as they take the stage on Tuesday evening.

By Wednesday, the above-average warmth will continue. Highs will return to the upper 80s F (31 C).

"Wednesday is the warmest day of the week," Miller said. "Humidity will be a minor factor, especially in the afternoon hours."

Heading into late in the week, showers could return by Thursday and Friday. However, any rain that does fall will not be widespread.

Temperatures will drop to the mid-70s F (24 C) by Friday.

Rain chances will ramp up for Saturday, Miller said. Wet conditions could plague the women's triathlon and the fourth round of women's golf.