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PHOTOS: Earl leaves trail of destruction in its path over Guatemala, Belize

Once-Hurricane Earl slammed parts of Central America this week, causing damage to infrastructure in Guatemala and Belize.

The now tropical storm is on a path towards Mexico where Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz will bear the brunt of strong winds and flooding rain from Earl into Saturday.

Earl made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in Belize early Thursday morning.

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As the system swept over Guatemala, strong winds and intense rainfall causes several roadways and bridges to wash out.

Some people in low-lying coastal areas of Guatemala were forced to evacuate before the storm hit, according to the Associated Press.

In neighboring Belize, storm surge inundated parts of Belize City. Strong winds ripped roofs off some buildings, uprooted trees and caused widespread power outages.

Most of the country was without power on Thursday morning as recovery efforts started.

Earlier in the week, a fishing boat capsized near Honduras as Earl approached the region. All but two of the 83 people on board were rescued, according to the AP.