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Heatwave to leave London sweltering through Wednesday as storms cut warmth across rest of UK

Tuesday was the hottest day of the year across the United Kingdom, but storms will bring relief to many areas on Wednesday.

The biggest change in temperatures will be felt across Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and Wales.

Though the high temperature reached 25 C (77 F) in Belfast on Tuesday, a high of only 20 C (68 F) is predicted for Wednesday.

Manchester endured 30 C (86 F) heat on Tuesday, but the mercury will fail to climb above 24 C (75 F) at the middle of the week.

Though a cold front will cut back heat across much of the U.K., the exception will be London and the South East.

High temperatures will rise to 28-30 C (82-86 F), which is a few degrees cooler than Tuesday but still well above the normal high of 22 C (71 F).

Relief from the heat will come with a price for areas from Wales into northern England and Scotland as heavy rain and thunderstorms enhance the risk for flooding.

Storms will erupt across Wales and northwest England late Tuesday night and continue into Wednesday. The heavy rainfall will expand into Scotland during the day on Wednesday.

Rainfall of 12-25 mm (0.50-1.00 inch) will be common from northern Wales into Scotland with localized amounts over 50 mm (2.00 inches) resulting in flash flooding.

Some of the strongest storms will also be capable of producing hail and damaging winds. The greatest threat for these storms will be across northern England and the Midlands.

A few isolated storms are possible around London and in the South East on Wednesday; however, most of the area will remain dry and hot.

The cold front will pass through the South East on Wednesday night bringing an end to the heatwave. It will also feel fresher behind this front on Thursday.

Temperatures more typical of the second half of July are expected throughout the United Kingdom late this week and into the weekend.