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Spain: Building heat to send highs 6-10 C above normal next week

Spain is facing yet another heat wave with temperatures set to soar 6-10 degrees Celsius above normal early next week.

Heat will begin to build back across Spain this weekend and further intensify as a ridge of high pressure settles overhead.

"The ridge will allow temperatures to soar 6-10 degrees Celsius (10-20 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal by the start of next week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis said.

Highs this time of year typically range from 28 C (82 F) in Pamplona to 30 C (86 F) in Madrid to 36 C (96 F) in Cordoba.

Early next week, in many communities outside of the mountains, temperatures will approach or soar past 38 F (100 F). Cordoba will once again endure a high of 43 C (110 F).

"Madrid may have at least four straight days of high temperatures exceeding 38 F (100 F)," Travis said.

While some relief from the heat will spread across northern Spain during the middle to latter part of this week, Travis said that "any relief will have to wait until next weekend for central Spain."

Residents looking for heat relief can head to the beaches, including Barcelona, where the air flowing in from the water will keep temperatures more comfortable on most days.

For those who cannot escape the heat, be sure to drink plenty of water, wear light-colored clothing and avoid strenuous activities during the midday and afternoon hours. Take frequent breaks if the latter cannot be heeded.

Never leave a child or pet in a sealed vehicle even for a short period of time.

The ridge will put a lid on most thunderstorm activity this weekend and early next week, drying out the country and elevating the wildfire risk.

While there can be local afternoon breezes in the preceding days, a more widespread gusty breeze will develop on Tuesday and further increase the wildfire danger.

Wildfires forced 545 people to evacuate homes and a hotel in Costa del Sol on Tuesday evening, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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Heat has been the theme across Spain so far this summer, which AccuWeather meteorologists predicted would be the case.

"Temperatures in Madrid are 4.5 degrees Celsius (8 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal up to this point," Travis said. This month is following a sizzling June with temperatures 2.5 C (4.5 F) above normal.

While northern Spain should catch a break from the heat to end July, southern Spain will not be so lucky.

"I can see a little relief from the heat in far southern Spain late in the last week of July but do not see evidence of much relief across the region as a whole," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls said.

The start of August is when seasonable temperatures may finally dominate.