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Early-week gusty storms may threaten outdoor activities and travel from Minneapolis to Chicago, Detroit

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Locally severe storms will erupt and sweep through part of the North Central United States from Sunday to Monday.

Building heat will help give the storms a boost. The storms will erupt along the leading edge of a slice of cool air heading southeastward from central Canada.

Following a batch of strong to locally damaging storms in parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota during the first part of Father's Day weekend, more storms will erupt before the weekend comes to a close.

Anyone outdoors will need to keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions Sunday afternoon and evening from northern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota to central Nebraska.

"Damaging wind gusts will be the greatest threats with the storms," according to AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos.

"There is the risk of a couple of isolated tornadoes as well, especially across Minnesota and easternmost South Dakota during Sunday afternoon," Avalos said.

The storms during Sunday afternoon and evening can affect some metro areas including Fargo, North Dakota, Minneapolis and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as well as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Some of the storms may survive through Sunday night as they reach the western Great Lakes and and drift into the central Plains, where some people may be awakened from a sound sleep.

On Monday into Monday night, the storms are likely to re-energize over parts of the central and eastern Great Lakes and central Plains.

While the storms on Monday are likely to be spotty, commuters and those with flights in or out of Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto and Omaha, Nebraska, should be prepared for delays.

The spotty storms could impact MLB games, such as the Cardinals at the Cubs, the Mariners at the Tigers and perhaps the Rays at the Indians.

In addition to lightning strikes, the greatest threats from the storms will be localized urban flooding and damaging wind gusts.

On Tuesday the potential for a few locally gusty thunderstorms will continue over parts of the central Plains, but extend into the Ohio Valley and portions of the Appalachians and mid-Atlantic.