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Severe storms to reignite across central US on Tuesday

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Locally violent storms will take aim at part of the Plains and Midwest on Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Areas from South Dakota and Minnesota, southward into Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri will be in the severe weather threat zone into Tuesday night.

Damaging winds and large hail will be the primary threats across these areas. Localized flash flooding will also be a concern in some of the heaviest storms.

"While there is a chance for tornadoes on Tuesday, the much greater threat will be that of large hail, strong winds capable of causing [tree and power line] damage and torrential downpours," AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliott stated.

Storms may be more isolated across the southern extent of the severe thunderstorm risk area.

During the afternoon hours, residents of cities such as Aberdeen and Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Omaha, Nebraska; Wichita, Kansas; and Kansas City, Missouri, should be on the lookout for potentially dangerous thunderstorms.

The threat for severe weather will shift eastward during the late-afternoon and evening hours, including cities such as Minneapolis and Des Moines, Iowa.

While not every location within the threat zone will be a hit by severe weather, residents should remain vigilant of weather watches and warnings and take action before dangerous storms hit.

The safest place to be during violent thunderstorms is in an interior room at the bottom floor of a building or in a storm shelter.

The storms have the potential to disrupt outdoor activities and travel plans for a time.

Commutes home from work could be slowed by torrential downpours that reduce roadway visibility.

The threat for locally severe thunderstorms will shift eastward on Wednesday.

Storms could become locally strong and gusty in parts of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes, including cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit.