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Damaging storms to threaten Detroit to DC, NYC Saturday

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Locally severe thunderstorms will be on the prowl across portions of the Great Lakes and northeastern United States during Saturday and Saturday night.

While the situation does not look as volatile as it appeared earlier this week, the storms have the potential to pack a punch in some communities.

"In addition to frequent lightning strikes, the main threats from the storms will be for damaging winds and hail into Saturday night," according to AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos.

People spending time outdoors will need to keep an eye on the sky from Wisconsin and Michigan to Virginia and Massachusetts. Remember to seek shelter indoors at the first sign of lightning or the first clap of thunder.

Tents, pavilions and beneath a tree are not a safe place to ride out a storm.

The thunderstorms may jeopardize afternoon and evening MLB games in Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago and Milwaukee.

Severe thunderstorms will advance eastward across Pennsylvania and western and central New York state into Saturday afternoon. The storms could reach the Hudson Valley, including the New York City area, as well as the New Jersey coast during Saturday afternoon and evening.

Spotty, but perhaps locally heavy thunderstorms will also push eastward across the northern portions of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware during the day Saturday and into Saturday evening.

Some of the thunderstorms will advance into New England later Saturday and Saturday night.

"We expect the storms to lose intensity as they push eastward into cooler air across New England," Avalos said.

Meanwhile, another round of gusty to locally severe thunderstorms will erupt farther north and west.

A handful of storms could become strong enough to cause damage in some communities in the northern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as the southern parts of Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario, as well as western New York state late Saturday into Saturday night.

Some locations could be hit by more than one storm spanning Saturday and Saturday night.

By Sunday, the push of dry air will end the threat of thunderstorms from Chicago to Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston.

However, heavy and perhaps locally damaging thunderstorms may affect areas from central Illinois and Kentucky to central and southern Virginia.

A return of sunshine will boost temperatures to very warm levels in the Interstate 95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic, while significantly cooler conditions, relative to Saturday are in store farther north from the Great Lakes to interior New England.