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Pack your brolly and wellies: Rain to muddy Isle of Wight, Download festivals this weekend

Music fans get to choose between two festivals, the Isle of Wight and Download Festival, to attend this weekend, but the weather will make brollies and wellies necessities at both.

Donington Park will host the Download Festival, featuring Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.

Meanwhile, The Who, Queen and Adam Lambert are among the top acts headlining the Isle of Wight Festival, held at Seaclose Park in Newport.

Frequent depressions tracking into the United Kingdom will cause scattered showers daily at both festivals.

It will not rain for the duration of either event, but the showers will soak fans and can turn the grounds muddy-making brollies, wellies and ponchos necessary.

A break in the showers at the Isle of Wight Festival should coincide with the acts of Richard Ashcroft and The Who on Saturday evening.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys is most concerned for downpours around Donington Park on Saturday and Sunday.

"Showers could be heavy in the afternoon across eastern England, from Leicester northward, both days," he said. "These showers could bring brief downpours, but nothing like the flash flooding seen the past couple of days."

Breaks in the rain and cloud will also set the stage for a few of the showers to turn thundery across the U.K. in the afternoon. However, the potential for the isolated thundery showers will be higher at Donington Park over Newport.

While music fans can brave the drenching rain, any thundery shower will create a hazard. As soon as thunder is heard, the threat of being struck by lightning is present and shelter should be sought.

Last weekend, the BBC reported that officials canceled the third and final day of the Rock am Ring music festival in Germany after lightning hurt at least 80 fans.

Despite the showery weather, temperatures will be seasonable for both festivals.

Temperatures in Newport and Donington Park will rise to around 19 C (66 F) daily into Sunday. Those who opt not to wear a jacket in the afternoon will need one at night as temperatures drop to around 12-14 C (54-58 F).

Download and Isle of Wight festivals are not the only two outdoor events in the offing for U.K. residents this weekend.

Pride in London starts on Saturday, while the Royal Cornwall Show takes place near Wadebridge. Both will occur amid the showery weather.

The end of the weekend will not bring a break from the wet weather. Instead, additional daily bouts of showers will follow next week.

Thundery showers will likely also increase with the potential for small hail.