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Dangerous thunderstorms to threaten outdoor plans across northeastern US on Saturday

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Violent thunderstorms will threaten outdoor activities across part of the northeastern United States during the first half of the weekend.

Residents from Pittsburgh to Baltimore and Washington, D.C., will want to monitor the weather closely during the early part of the weekend.

Building heat in the central United States will be the main driver of the severe weather threat in the Northeast this weekend.

"Hot air will be advancing eastward from the Midwest and western Great Lakes on Saturday," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson.

In this type of set up, it is common for large thunderstorm complexes to develop and sweep across the leading edge of advancing warmth, Adamson said.

"A complex of thunderstorms may already be ongoing in the eastern Great Lakes on Saturday morning where the advancing heat and retreating cool, dry air are in close proximity."

A strengthening system over the Great Lakes combined with daytime heating will help to add new life to any lingering overnight storms.

The storms could be violent by the time they reach part of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic on Saturday afternoon.

Cool, dry air is expected to hold firm across New England, preventing any severe weather from moving into the region.

Winds capable of downing trees and power lines will be one of the primary threats from any storms on Saturday, Adamson explained. Hail and torrential downpours are also likely.

The extent of damaging winds from a thunderstorm complex determine whether or not it is given a meteorological classification, such as a derecho.

People may want to bring potted plants or other loose lawn items inside to prevent damage from thunderstorm winds.

Storms may jeopardize afternoon and evening MLB games in New York City, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Those with plans to swim at a local pool or attend an outdoor concert or festival should keep an eye to the sky and be prepared to seek shelter at the first clap of thunder.

Storms may maintain their severity into the evening hours, when they will take aim at part of the I-95 corridor, before moving out to sea by Sunday morning.

While quieter weather will settle into the affected areas on Sunday, lingering moisture from this system could lead to a soggy end of the weekend across New England.